Dr. Elizabeth Korte Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Korte's Legacy

Dr. Korte practiced medicine in rural communities for over 50 years. She loved being active in her community and loved caring for them. As a physician, she was one of a large network of professionals involved in the care of patients and running a practice. In her honor, we would like to assist those who are seeking to become medical professionals, support medical practices or improve the health of their community.

Dr. Korte in Retirement

The Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for Hancock County, IL students interested in a career in Healthcare or Healthcare Services.

Every spring, one $1500 scholarship will be given out to a graduating student from each High School in Hancock County.

This application is open to students with an intention to study healthcare or interest in working in a healthcare environment.

An ideal candidate has ambitions to help others and has shown interest in pursuing those goals. Preference will be given to individuals interested in supporting rural communities after they are finished with their studies.